We are novak

NOVAK is an innovative creative studio specialising in digital media design and production tailored for expansive immersive experiences, with a portfolio spanning across museums, galleries, visitor attractions, and serves as focal points for numerous cultural events and brand experiences.

With a diverse skill set encompassing 2D and 3D animation, graphic design, live action direction, interactive design, music production, and sound design. The studio seamlessly integrates creative expertise with a vast knowledge and understanding of cutting-edge media technologies, enabling them to conceive and produce innovative installations, guiding projects from inception to completion with seamless workflows.

Embracing a collaborative ethos, NOVAK forges close partnerships with cultural institutions, curators, directors, and an extensive network of collaborators. This collaborative approach facilitates the delivery of captivating attractions that offer fresh insights into themes and narratives.

NOVAK’s work has been commissioned by the likes of Bloomberg, Trinity College Dublin, Tyne and Wear Museum & Archives, Google, MTV, BBC Studios, Virgin Media, and has featured at internationally renowned festivals including Lumiere, Brighton Festival and Light Night Leeds.