Sébastien Tellier returns!

seb tell

it’s with great enthusiasm I read this post on Pitchfork yesterday. All round French fruitcake and purveyor of bearded sleaze Sébastien Tellier is back with a new album in April!

If anyone was in any doubt that Seb Tell is still loco, read these words from the don himself about the album! “Don’t listen to my album; listen to my message. Enter into vibration with my music. Let’s merge our dreams, together spreading this communal energy in an immense blue wave that
will wash over the world – and truth will emerge.” 

In the meantime check the video teaser and also this remix from his last
Daft Punk partnered album Sexuality’. 

As a footnote it’s worth mentioning I caught the live show for the Sexuality album and happened to ask a bunch of French fans stood next to me what Sébastien was on about as he writhed about on the floor talking sexy gibberish to himself. They had no idea either. The man’s a legend 🙂