Experiments in Design and Motion

I love the 2015 FITC Tokyo Titles! Everything from the Experimental nature to the processes that drive the animations, The collaborative approach and the skills and different software used to make it. A full article including interviews can be found on Motionographer.

Making-of: vimeo.com/118998266

Ash Thorp: ashthorp.com/
Andrew Hawryluk: andrewh.tv/
Michael Rigley: michaelrigley.com/
Nicolas Girard: worship.to/
Alasdair Willson: alasdairwillson.com/
Chris Bjerre: chrisb.tv/
Albert Omoss: albertomoss.com/
Franck Deron: franckderon.net/
Pilotpriest: pilotpriest.bandcamp.com/